We've built Points of Distinction, Inc. as a family-based business with a genuine commitment to doing things right, beginning with selling only a genuinely solid, well crafted, and high-value product line.

To that foundation we add an attitude of total customer care that we've learned from all of the good, and yes, the bad, experiences that we've all encountered. We then try to top-off our approach with a commitment to good, solid 'do unto others' ethics that guides our decisions, rounding out a formula for long term success in most any endeavor.

We hope to hear your compliments - and we need to hear your complaints!

I thought I knew what I liked in a pen then I bought the [Traveller Black Lacquer Fountain Pen]. Had to have another in case I lose one or you quit making that one. It is a great work of art and a great writing pen. I will probably be back for more soon. Keep up the great work.

Don, CA

My pen arrived a couple of days ago and it is GREAT !! I had a Diplomat pen years ago and lost it. I replaced it with a Mont Blanc that was then dropped down our garbarator.....the garbarator won. I have used my new Diplomat Excellence for a few days now and I must say that I like it's smooth writing and feel as well as or better than my old Mont Blanc. The Excellence fountain pen is a wonderful writing instrument.

John, CA

This is the second pen I have ordered from your company & will definitely be a return customer in the future. Your pens are not only something to be admired but your customer service goes above and beyond. My first pen had a mix up on my part when I ordered it and your company called me to correct the situation, stayed on the phone while I reprocessed the order and was very helpful. Again, I have returned to your company for another pen and your company has gone way out of the way to help me. This is the reason why I will return in the future and tell everyone that asks about my pens about your company. In this day and age your dedication, responsiveness, friendliness, & commitment are unheard of. Customer for life,

Valerie, TX

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely pass the good word around about Diplomat pens and your excellent service at Points of Distinction.

Alfredo, PA

I received the replacement parts for my ink pen today. They are perfect!!! Thanks so much for all of your help and support throughout the entire process. The amazing thing about kindness is that it has a way of spreading well beyond its immediate point of contact and making its way right back to the initiator.

What you did may appear to be "all in a days work", but to me, and to those who are connected to me, you went far beyond the "extra mile".

I pray that the entire team at Points of Distinction, Inc. will have amazing success as you continue to provide quality writing instruments and outstanding customer service.

With great appreciation,

Karen, PA

Thank you for such prompt delivery and wonderful service! I received the pen yesterday and used it in the office all day today.

You run a fabulous company.

Lee, TX

I am very pleased with my purchase. I have really enjoyed the Diplomat roller ball pen that I purchased some time ago, and I stumbled across your website when looking for refills. When purchasing the refills, I ordered a Magnum Soft Touch as more of an everyday type pen, and I really like it. In fact, I like it so much that I ordered a few more refills (as I know I am going to need them) and an extra pen for my wife (and a few refills for her).

Thank you and good luck with your new company.

Mike, NY

Just wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU for making the Twingraph the perfect pen for me !!! The fine nib is excellent - already used an ink cartridge up and I just opened it tonight. Your service, thoughtfulness and attention to a customer’s want is amazing.

Thank you for the amazing product you just sent.

Tammy, NJ

I just received my order that I placed on 12/09/2006, thank you so much, delivery was more than satisfactory and in a very timely manner...and when the time comes I will be a return customer...

Again thank you for the wonderful service.

Anthony, VT

I've been using my Diplomat pen for 7 years. It's stylish, beautiful, and smooth writing.

I feel like I'm writing with a $200 pen...but… I'm not!

Charles, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pen on Saturday morning. I wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to call me and make sure that my order was corrected and staying on the line with me while I reprocessed it. I love my new pen. It is lightweight and delicate just like it should be and writes wonderfully.

Everyone that has seen it since has commented on it more than any other pen I have ever owned.

Again, Thank You.

Valerie, TX

I became familiar with Diplomat pens a few years ago while visiting Vienna. A few friends and I went backpacking in Slovenia and thought we would venture up to Vienna for some culture towards the end of our trip. I found and fell in love with Diplomat pens… However, as you well know since my return I have had a hard time finding Diplomat pens… Having the attention to customer service that you give I am so sold on Diplomat pens now .... even if I wasn't before.

You have been fabulous. Thanks,

Tammy, NJ

I wanted to thank you for your excellent question answering and patience with me. It means a lot to me that I am able to speak with someone who cares about my order, and I really appreciate your working with me. Your help made it really easy for me.

Thank you very much.

Brian, OH

I appreciate your follow up. Everyone loved the pens!

I gave them to all my employees.

Craig, IL

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